Conference Program 2013

You can find a complete online copy of the 2013 conference program here: Doing Rhetoric at the U


“Doing Rhetoric at the U”

Saturday April 27, 2013

Weisman Museum – Minneapolis, Minnesota.

8:00 to 8:50                                                          

Registration, Continental Breakfast Buffet from D’Amico’s Catering

9:00  to 10:00

Opening Remarks, Dr. Ronald W. Greene and Dr. Laura Gurak.

10:15 to 11:15     (Re)Defining the Natures of Rhetoric
Ryo Kanno, Demagoguery and Populism: On the Rhetoricity of Social Movement
Timothy Oleksiak, Agonisitic Listening in Soundbite Culture
Shannon Stevens, Rhetoric and Capitalism
Jay Frank , Finitude After ‘After Finitude:’ Speculations on the Nature of Rhetoric

Dr. Arthur Walzer, Respondent 

11:30 to 12:30  Reading and Writing Social Codes in Digital Space
Sky Anderson, Video Games and Visual Rhetoric: A Case Study
Chris Lindgren, The Performative Stylistics of Glitching Video Codecs
Lars Weise, Writing yourself into a Movement – The Rhetoricity of Facebook and the Occupy Germany Movement
Dan Hassoun,  Strategic Ambiguity and the Modern War Film

Dr. John Logie, Respondent 

12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Boxed Lunches provided by Common Roots Catering

1:45 PM to 2:45 PM              Technologies of Coming Together
Rachel Tofteland, The Visual Rhetoric of Kiva Profiles
Julie Wight, Social Media, Rhetoric, and Citizenship: Potentials and Pitfalls of Government-Citizenry Social Media Discourse
Liora Elias, Rhetorics of Exclusion: DADT and its Repeal as Understood through Post-Gay Television Narratives

Dr. Ann Hill Duin, Respondent 

3:00 PM to 4:00 PM               Gesture, Genre, and Genealogy
Brian Larson, Cognitive-Pragmatic Rhetoric and Rhetorical Genre
Daniel Horvath, Rhetoric and Foucault: A Genealogy of a Theoretical Encounter
Ashley Clayson, Notes Toward the Embodied Nature of Invention
Alexander Hiland, Rhetoric of Exception: Reading Signed Statements as Rhetorical Artifacts
 Dr. Richard Graff, Respondent
4:15 PM to 5:15PM              Impacts of Hegemonic Framing
Joseph Bartolotta, The Intersections of Rhetoric, Literacy, and Literacy Sponsorship: An Investigation into the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union’s Educational Program 1915-1939
Dana Schowalter, “Economic Security is a Women’s Health Issue:” Financial Rhetoric and the War on Women
Laura Pigozzi, Using Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication to Investigate Latino Understanding of an Informed Consent Conference
Diane Cormany, Globalization Through Journalistic Frames

Dr. Ronald W. Greene, Respondent 

Keynote 2013

The keynote speakers for our debut conference are the University of Minnesota’s own Dr. Laura J. Gurak, chair of the Writing Studies department, and Dr. Ronald W.  Greene, chair of the Communication Studies department.  We look forward to hearing their unique perspectives on what it means to “do rhetoric at the U,” and hope to post video of their joint address shortly after the conference.

Here’s a preview of their talk:

GreeneProfilePic“Rhetoric and Rhetorical Studies are two different things. The first has had its meaning stretched from oratorical persuasion to any form of influence, while the latter is the name for an institutional form of knowledge. This conference brings together two ways rhetorical studies gets done to better understand the ways and means of rhetoric in the 21st century.”
–Dr. Ronald W. Greene


GurakProfilePic“Rhetorical studies span speech and writing, visual and textual, material and digital. And the digital realm blurs these categories. Our scholarly activities may take place in different departments, but our collective interest is in the suasive power and operational dynamics of human communication, in all situations and across all media types.”
–Dr. Laura J. Gurak


A chance to see what happened at and around “Doing Rhetoric at the U” 2013

Full house - Doing Rhetoric at the U

Click on the picture above for  a look at the complete Photo Album of the first “Doing Rhetoric at the U” 2013 conference.


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