#DR16 3rd Annual “Doing Rhetoric at the U” Conference — This Weekend!

15 Sep


It is an important time to discuss what it means to do political rhetoric at the University of Minnesota. Not only is 2016 an election year, but, moreover, much of what we do as students, teachers, and emerging scholars of rhetoric is highly politicized. The conference theme, “Political Style and the Politics of the Rhetorical,” is highly inclusive. Graduate students are encouraged to submit abstracts of works in progress that engage the intersection between rhetoric and politics by exploring issues such as (but not limited to) campaign rhetoric, media rhetoric, visual rhetoric, government rhetoric, the rhetoric of social movements, environmental rhetoric, ethics and rhetoric, legal rhetoric, the rhetoric of science and technology, and rhetorical theory.

The conference will offer graduate students an opportunity to present and discuss their current research in a workshop setting. Consider projects you are already working on. Why or how is your research (or research topic) political? What insights might rhetorical theories and methods have to offer to contemporary political problems? How might contemporary political problems shape new insights in scholarship of the rhetorical?

The conference is for all graduate students at the University of Minnesota with an interest in rhetoric, many of whom are spread out across disciplines and departments such as Writing Studies, Communication Studies, English, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, American Studies, Political Science, and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies.

See you this weekend! 


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