In advance of our Online Manifesto, here are some events of interest

1 May

From the series of lectures associated with “Theory Reading Group.”

The Cricket’s Leap. Post-Oedipal Populism and Neoliberal Democracy in Contemporary Italy

Ida Dominijanni, Tuesday, May 7th, at 5:00, in 135 Nicholson Hall (Fireplace Room); light Refreshments will be served.

The Cricket's Leap (announcement) (1)

“A new specter is haunting Europe—the specter of populism. All the various phenomena that are grouped under this indefinite rubric express a powerful opposition against the current politics of austerity of the European Union. Such an opposition takes different forms (e.g., parties, movements, online groups) and is characterized by very ambiguous political valences (from explicitly right-wing cases such as the Greek Alba Dorada [Golden Dawn] to more indeterminate cases like the German Piraten [Pirates] and the Italian Movimento 5 Stelle [Five-Star Movement], led by stand-up comedian Beppe Grillo, whose last name means “cricket” in Italian). In this context, Italy is—once again—the most extreme political laboratory of a general tendency.”

Both a journalist and a scholar, Ida Dominijanni was a noted editorialist of the Italian left-wing daily il manifesto for more than thirty years, and also taught political philosophy at the University of Rome (Roma Tre) from 2001 to 2008. She is the author of numerous essays on the question of sexual difference (viewed from feminist, marxist, and psychoanalytic theoretical- methodological standpoints), as well as the editor of a volume of essays on the question of freedom in contemporary political theory and practice, Motivi della libertà [Reasons of freedom] (2001). Her study of the sex-money-power nexus under neoliberalism (and specifically in Berlusconi’s Italy) is forthcoming next year. She is a member of Diotima, a collective of women philosophers at the University of Verona.

Here is the announcement The Cricket’s Leap (announcement)

For any questions, contact

The Attack on Fact: American Politics and the Loss of Accountability

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Director of Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013; 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey School

“Drawing on examples from past presidential elections and current policy debates, Jamieson will ask ‘what are the implications of the attack on fact for governance? Under what circumstances does  misleading attack advertising affect the capacity of elected leaders to govern wisely and well?’”

Here is a link to the registration page


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