About the Conference


Doing Rhetoric at the U is a rhetoric conference co-sponsored by the Communication Studies and Writing Studies Departments at the University of Minnesota.

What does it mean to “Do Rhetoric” at the University of Minnesota in the 21st century is a conference invitation extended to faculty and graduate students interested in rhetoric from all departments to showcase their current research and create new pathways of collaboration across the campus.

Interested in Participating?

If you are interested in being on the planning committee or aiding in any capacity in organizing the conference for next year, please let us know in person or via email.

The Digital Evolution of “Doing Rhetoric at the U”

Digital Doing Rhetoric at U glitched

In a relatively short span of time we moved from an idea to a fully fledged conference and from a simple email call for papers to a functional system of interconnecting blogs, social media sites, and people. All these elements, from securing a space for the conference to creating a virtual one, came together seamlessly to buttress a community of interests emerging from two distinct departments with a great deal to share. In virtue of these reasons we strongly believe that “Doing Rhetoric at the U,” in its virtual manifestation, does not have to go into hibernation until next year.

If you are a graduate student at UMN in WS or CS interested in being part of the conference in its multimodal mutations please let us know. We would happily share our access to the “Doing Rhetoric at the U”’s three interrelated and linked accounts ready to be put to whatever uses we can imagine. As for the rest of our friends interested in this community, please let us know how you would like to link up with our efforts. 

You can contact us via:

Email: doingrhetoric@umn.edu   |   Facebook   |   Twitter: @DoingRhetoric